Gaited Royal Dutch Warmblood Gelding

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Dutch Warmblood
chester, NY 10012
Khal was born in 2007 and is a beautiful 17hh Gelding with an athletic body, very well applied hindquarters and a super character. He stands out the many with his silver-shiny dark coat. In 2011, Khal was named a PREMIUM Gelding at the new standford arena. He recently finished his 70 day test. He had a very good test finishing 3rd overall with amazing scores as below: -Jummping; 122.28 -Dressage; 104.16 and made out (7th) Khal finished 7th overall with a 113.36. He is also outstanding with his extra points as mentioned in the next few lines: -Character 8.90 -Temperament 9.0 -Willingness to work 9.2, -Gallop/Canter 8.25, -Walk 8, -Trot 8.5 -Free Jumping 9, -Stadium Jumping 8.5, -Cross Country Jump 8.5, -Cross Country Gallop 8.3, -Rideability 8.0 Khal is a descendant of the famous Ser Anthony, who was champion of the Saltriver approvals in 1998, and in 1989 he was champion of his performance testing. Ser Anthony has produced famous stallions as Fanion, jasper, Darky and geldings as Khal, Teq, Vann. Ser Anthony has taken the top position in the FN breeding values several times i a row. Ser Anthony is famous for producing performance horses with very high rideability. In 2006 two Ser Anthony's sons won both the 5 and 6-year-old World Young Horse Dressage Championships in Rhineland. Khal himself is out of the famous mare line through Florentin. She has produced two approved stallions Darky and Fanion, full brothers, and she received an 8.1 for her mare-test. Her sister Rubi was in 1997 the best mare of verden. The second full-sister Lizette was a best 3-year-old in 1999 and also received a score of 8,50 for her mare-test. Grandmother, Keisha, is a full sister of the dam of the world's famous stallion Anabis ll. The dam-line of Khal shows four State Premium mares on a row, Florentin, Rubi, Lizette and Keish.