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Lugoff, SC 29078
I am sad to say that my father can no longer tend to his horses. I must now find them a new home. This is Elwood. He is an eight year old Thoroughbred who stands at just over 16 hands. He was rescued from the Camden race track about three years ago, and has not been under saddle since. He is a little thin right now, but that is nothing that a little food and exercise won't cure. The reason that he was taken off of the track is that he was diagnosed with a former broken neck. He has a calcium deposit on one of his vertebrae that rubs his spinal cord when his head rocks back and forth while at a gallop. When this happens, he can not maintain his gait. (He canters in the pasture on his own. ) Per his vet, Elwood should not be used to jump or gallop. The vet suggested that he be a light trail riding horse. It is my opinion that based on his size, and the type of injury, he would be a prime candidate for a driving horse. As long as it's not buggy racing, he would not be jumping or galloping. With a little exercise, he should have no problem pulling a small wagon by himself, or a large one as part of a team. He is currently under my care, and available for viewing. I will not sell him to anyone as their first horse. Anyone interested must be willing to allow me to see their horses, and feel assured that he will be taken care of. Thanks for taking to time to read my ad.