Broke Black Arabian Gelding, Polish Breeding.

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Broke Western
Medina, ND 58467
Broke registered, 1999, Black Arabian Gelding, Polish Breeding, 14.3 hh. I have owned this fellow since a weanling, and he is a non-fading black. He was started out Parelli/John Lyons style with his training, plays some of the Parelli games. He will side pass up to a bucket, fence for mounting. But, 95% of the time when I rode horse, I either worked cattle or rode with a drill team and this fellow does not care for things flying around overhead like bull whips or flags, so he never became my first horse to grab for those jobs. So, he more often ended up being just a pretty pasture ornament, with occasional rides in an arena or around the farm. He rides well in an arena, but has not been to town or around traffic or crowds much at all for his age, so still rides like an inexperienced horse. If he sees something new, he may spook like inexperienced young horses do. But, he has not been a bolter, he has always reined in for me if he spooks. He is a horse with a lot of good training in him and not much experience. Last fall my chestnut mare fell on me, messing up my back, so, I have been unable to ride since. Maybe someone would like to give this fellow a job and some wet saddle blankets. He is a strong built gelding and can carry a heavy man. Now, he has not been ridden for almost two years. Generally, if it had been a few months since I rode him I just lounged him saddled, until his tail went from straight up to 45 degrees, then ground worked him with the Paralli basic games, and if he was willing to do those basic games, I got on and we went for trail rides around home. He does neck rein and some of the basics for western riding like side passes. But, he'll likely be rusty from his long lay off. He probably will need a middle/upper intermediate to experienced rider to work with him. He clips with dog clippers, loads and unloads in trailer, okay with fly spray, stands very good for farrier, had his teeth floated Sept. 2017. Check our website link to see more pictures and get more information and to see a past video of him being rode, as I would not be able to ride him for you with my back issues. He has a nice wither, but very thick boned shoulder blades, so will need a saddle with a wide gullet, if gullet is to narrow the saddle will roll a little. Some of the old Big Horn cutter saddles fit him well, I also had a plastic roper saddle tree custom fitted to his back with bars cut shorter so as to not rub his hips. Saddle is shown on him in the video on our website. I would let that go with him for $675 extra.