Big, Beautiful, Halter Type Double Homozygous Grulla Paint Broodmare

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Colorado Springs, CO 80908
JoJo – APHA Amigos Silver Jo Jo DOB May 4, 2006 “Jo Jo” is my foundation Paint mare. This mare is a rare find genetically having been tested homozygous for black and tobiano and 5 panel negative through Animal Genetics. She may not look it but also carries the dun gene making her a medium - dark slate grulla and have foal photos of her and a grulla filly out of a “brown” stud to confirm this. JoJo is a big 16 hand halter type “gentle giant” and a favorite around here. She has produced some very nice foals over the years and I have photos of all of them. She has only been a broodmare for me with no known saddle training from her previous owner but is still young and willing enough to take on a new job. Although she is the biggest girl here and has unlimited access to a large pasture, other than when she is foaling out, she is also very kind and tends to be at the bottom of the pecking order and discovered after she lost a colt three years ago that she does have ulcer tendencies which I have been able to control with a once a week dose of Succeed. The sudden loss of my stud has forced me to change direction and must downsize and decided to price everyone around here. She currently has a homozygous black grulla tobiano filly at her side that is also for sale and they can be purchased as a package for an additional $3500. Please call the home number, email or text 719-663-9569 for more information $6000 open