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Rose Lane Ella
2(1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Percheron Association of America
Registry Number
18.0 hands
Mar 2007
United States

Beautiful Grey (White) 18h 12 year old REGISTERED Percheron Mare for sale! Rides & Drives!!!

Beautiful Grey (White) 18h 12 year old REGISTERED Percheron Mare for sale! Rose Lane Ella can do it all and gets attention wherever you take her. Great riding and driving horse. Solid and traffic safe. She has been driven by women and beginners and ridden by first time riders on trail rides. Has no vices or bad habits. She is super sweet and very educated. Has done it all and is sound minded! Completely sound as far as I know. She is one of my main horses I count on for any carriage ride job and even trail rides for beginners. The only reason I am selling her is because I am no longer working with the taller Percherons and have decided to go with all the shorter type. She has done so many things and is one of the most versatile horses I have ever owned. She can do it all and is always ready for any job at hand. Perfect ground manners. Proven broodmare Hitch type with a sound quiet mind Is current on all shots, Worming and seen regularly by a dentist and farrier (goes barefoot) Quiet with a good Whoa on her and could stand all day until told to do otherwise Lowers her head to be bridled Rides great with no vices and knows leg cues and many voice commands! She stands well to be groomed, harnessed, saddled, mounted, bathed, and shod Gets along nicely with other horses No shoeing stocks needed Suitable for larger riders Bends well and moves off of leg Rates her speed to a T! Never needs prep, lunging or excessive schooling before she is ridden or driven Sweet friendly disposition Responds to many voice commands- very well trained. Frames up nicely and with a high hitch head set-yet calm enough for kids or beginners. Great action! Has good manners on the ground (Natural Horsemanship training) Trailers perfectly (loads right in) Stands tied quietly and ground ties Good with fly spray, baths, clipping, and blanketing Clinton Anderson, Ken McNabb, Josh Lyons, and Chris Cox training methods used on her Drives SINGLE or DOUBLE as well as any multiple hitch! Rides English or Western and has many trail miles under her belt (many with first time riders). Has been hitched to all farm equipment and many carriages and wagons as well as in multiple hitches up to a 6 horse hitch. She is almost completely white. Used for weddings and other special events including many parades by a professional Carriage Company. She is ready to go for any Carriage job out there or as a wonderful riding horse. $7,900 to the right home Feel free to call/text 610-730-497three for more photos or to set up a time to meet her/try her out. Click here to see videos of Ella: https://www.magisto.com/video/M1lBK1ABCDksREViCzE?l=vsm&o=i&c=m https://www.magisto.com/video/bEcAJUICHGopQkxpYw?l=vsm&o=i&c=m https://www.magisto.com/video/M1gFOFtaQGAxQANiCzE?l=vsm&o=i&c=m https://www.magisto.com/video/IgFBagECRWkqAkNpYw?l=vsm&o=i&c=m https://magis.to/v/bUEeZAMOCz4uREdiCzE?l=vsm&o=i&c=m

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