Tennessee Walking Horse for Sale in New York, NY

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For Sale
Tennessee Walking
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15.0 hands
United States

A Wonderful Family Mare! Great for Special Needs - Timid & Experienced Riders! S

NOTE: SINCE TAKING THE VIDEOS, (as with all of the horses we have)-----BELLE WAS TAKEN TO THE VET. HER TEETH WERE FLOATED, AND SHE WAS VET CHECKED. SHE HAS CURRENT COGGINS AND HEALTH. (The vet mouthed her as a 9 yr. old). “Belle” – (9 yr. old – 15.- ½ hands) – is one of the most beautiful colors I have seen. She shimmers in the sunlight……has a silvery…..sometimes mauve color…..----just cannot describe her color! She is just a very beautiful mare!!-------Belle is big-boned, stout, and VERY sure footed! (See her video walking down a slope….she goes down sideways,…slow and easy…..).-------------------------The best thing about her?....she has “the best ground manners”………..loves people!-----loves to please!!----Very much a people loving mare! Belle loves children! She will lower her head to their level ……stand for them to pet her…..until they walk away.---------------And her gait?? Oh my gosh!! So Very smooth! For any of you who have health issues with difficulty mounting?.....or just need the smoothest ride ever??------------Belle is the one!! She absolutely stops on voice command! Belle has a “slow motion walk”….. “slow motion gait”……and she can step on up for those of you who like to do that!-----But on voice command, - she comes right back down to a slow motion walk – or!! Stops!!!-------She has a beautiful stylish gait!------------------------- ----Belle is so very smart! She listens and responds immediately!--------She has a lot of head sense!!-----------Awesome for beginner, timid riders! If you get nervous, just say “whoa”…..with gentle touch of the reins! ------------------------------ ----------------------------As you will see in her videos, Belle is easy to do all things with! She is a dream to shoe! (My farrier Josh B. says so…. ( : ---------------------- My farrier, Josh B., says her feet are strong with no issues.- -------Belle loves her baths!-------Picks up her feet for you!-------Walks right on the horse trailer with no hesitation! Belle runs good with other horses. So far, while here,…..in two different groups of horses - she has shown no aggressive behavior. With ground manners, she walks when you walk, stops when you stop. Awesome with walking in front of her with a child riding her……..she follows like a puppy!-

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