9 yr old AQHA gelding

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Quarter Horse
Refugio, TX 78377
***Just rode him last week(2/12--2/18) and he didn't give me many problems. Little rusty on neck reining cues and a tad anxious but nothing uncontrollable.*** Please call(leave message) or text me! 361-349-1150 JJ (Just A Kool Kid) is a very willing to please gelding but he does have his faults. He's broke good for a confident intermediate rider. He would do a lot better with a "job" rather than just being a ride here and there pasture horse. Here are his faults first.... He can be stubborn and try a rider, and does tend to get a little buddy sour, but has never done anything stupid. Needs work on ground manners. Can get a little pushy, and doesn't know how to respect space. When tied, he can get antsy and dance around, or paw. He will paw in a trailer if not moving. Also very food driven, but NOT aggressive at all! He has crow hopped on me once when I accidentally spurred him to far back, it was nothing to get him out of. If I lunge him before I ride, he may throw a few out, but has never done that any other time riding, even if I do not lunge him. Even with his stubbornness he is willing to please as I said, he just needs to know that he is not boss. Does tend to act up at the gate, nothing a little pop of the reins on his shoulder doesn't fix. Now for the good... He has a very funny personality. Very friendly as well. He is a very forward moving horse, very athletic. I imagine that would improve as he becomes legged up. I've slow loped the barrel pattern on him and he did well, seems to like it. I haven't worked with him on the barrels in about 6-8 months, as I no longer have a safe area to do so. Never worked cows on him, but riding down the road and in the pasture he watches them. Mainly direct reins, but I have been working him with neck reining. Not much spooks him, and if something does, he does not run off or jump out from under you. Most he's ever done is side step and snort at a deer that jumped out in front of him. He is not afraid of gunfire or fireworks. Will normally walk through water with ease but I haven't rode him through any lately. Was roped off of before I got him. He lunges well. Will change directions easily, does not pull on line, even at a lope. Good with farrier, good with worming, saddling and putting bridle on. Will catch you in the pasture(except on the very rare occasion he decides to be a butt) I can pony kids around on him and he is a different horse with a young kid on his back. Will plod along all day long. After more wet saddle pads(and ground manners), he'd probably make a good kids horse. The lady that had him before had her kids ride him bareback a lot, and even in just a halter, He just hasn't been worked consistently in a while so I am not selling him as kid safe. For proof of this you can look him up on facebook, he has his own page, "Just a Kool Kid". I posted the link in Website URL. Can bathe him, spray him with fly spray, clean his feet. He's used to wearing sport boots and bell boots. Decent stop, I ride him in a double jointed snaffle. He likes to know what's going on, so he does get a little watchy on the trails, but with more consistent riding, I think that would lessen. I don't really view that as a bad trait, he does still pay attention. He hasn't been rode in a while, so will probably need a tune up, but I am going to start working with him. Loads in trailer. Has loaded in straight two horse and a slant. Will back out of trailer. He has excellent bloodlines, including Impressive(he is hypp n/n), Kid Clu, and Two Eyed Jack. You can look him up on all breed pedigree Just A Kool Kid http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/just+a+kool+kid I'd love for him to go to a performance home, I think he would excel in just about anything. I wanted to use him for roping and drill team, but I no longer have the funds to travel or time to work him like he needs. Wherever he goes I would like to keep in touch. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE, more pictures upon request, can also get video, just been hard with all the rain we've been getting.