9 y/o Bay Natural Horsemanship Quarter Horse

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Horses For Sale
Quarter Horse
Western/English Pleasure
Venice, FL 34292
This horse was started and finished through Natural Horsemanship. Has a beautiful trot and canter, good lead changes. She has been used as a trail horse, but has also been used in ponying colts, western pleasure, and english. She is a Level 4 Parelli Natural Horsemanship graduate, this horse is extremely docile, has been used as an adult and child’s horse. She is incredibly light, and moves at the slightest change of energy. Can walk over tarps, jumps, ride on the trails, the road, anything! She is extremely versatile, has been in shows and in front of large crowds of people. Steps in and out of the trailer perfectly, isn’t spooky, and gets along with other horses. If anything, she can be a bit aloof and not care for much outside of her owner. Does not kick, bite, crib, and does not have any vices. She is extremely sweet, and I would only consider a natural horsemanship home, that is safe, secure, and approved before considering to sell her. This horse is an absolute treasure, and I adore her, though I am moving away for school and cannot allow her to sit and not be used to the fullest of her potential, she is incredibly trained and has been an absolute dream. No health problems, wormed monthly, eats T/a hay, Ultium feed, and has been switched on different hay and feed in the past without any problems. She has very tough feet, and no shoes. She has never had to have shoes on before. Her teeth are in good condition, and has had all of her shots.