3 Year old quiet, broke, loving QH gelding - $800 (porterville)

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Horses For Sale
Quarter Horse
cutting/ roping
Porterville, CA 93257
Doc is a 3 year old Quarter Horse gelding. I am selling him for $800 O.B.O. He is registered in the AQHA, bred for cutting and roping. He has 2 back socks and one front left sock. He has a blaze down his face. He is very tall for his age so I think he will be a great roper and all around horse for all ages and sizes once he is completely trained. I have owned him for a year. He is ride able but still is head strong and tries to get away with a few things, so i recommend an advanced rider for him to teach him what he can and cannot get away with. I ride him ever day through the orange groves and in the back fields and he does great but tries to stop and eat every once in a while. He is pretty heavy on the sides so you gotta use alot of leg to get him going, he is a pretty laid back and easy going, a bit lazy at times, so I usually don't have to worry about anything with him while riding or just leading around. He has a very smooth gait and extends out very nicely at the lope or gallop. He is pretty fast at the lope so i have to hold him back quite a bit at the gallop. Whenever I ride him or lead him around he usually doesn't spook at anything. We have stray dogs and peacocks that roam around our property and will jump out from under the trees and take off when we ride by and he usually continues on his way without even looking at them. He has never tried bucking with me. Doc can be ridden in a snaffle bit or hackamore, and any type of saddle. He is broke, stands tied, sacked out with heavy weights, paper and plastic bag sacked, absolutely loves water and baths, practically falls asleep when you rub his poll/ears/forehead/back, trailer broke, picks up his feet, and is an extreme pocket pony. He will follow you anywhere you go even up the back steps to your house. His sire is Justa Smart Doc, so he is bred for cutting. I have just started roping with him a week ago and he is picking it up very nicely. If you have any further questions comments or concerns or would like pictures of him, please feel free to contact me- Sierra Zimmerman (559)361-2522. Thank you so much for taking interest!