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Gypsy Vanner
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12.0 hands
May 2018
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2019 list of in utero gypsy & drum foals buckskin

Please e-mail me at featheredacresfarm@yahoo.com or directly through my website, I get notification of inquiries but I am unable to retrieve messages through this site. See more https://featheredacresfarm.wixsite.com/mysite/meet-the-mares Below is our list of 2019 gypsy & drum in utero foals for sale that will be born live on mare watchers starting in spring so buyers can watch. Lots of pics & info on our website of mares, stallion & previous foals. Prices start at $3000 for crosses & $7500 for purebreds. See https://featheredacresfarm.wixsite.com/mysite/for-sale All of the foals are sired by our cremello roan gypsy vanner stallion Shay. All the mares were ultra sounded pregnant by our vet & their ultrasound images are on our "meet the mares" page of our website. A $500 deposit holds foal of your choice & you will receive updates on mom & baby as labor nears, you will also be able to watch your mama on cam nearing & during foaling season. $1000 is due at birth (for those not making payments) remainder due at pick up. We also offer payment plans, after $500 deposit buyer decides the amount of monthly payments & if more time is needed on payment plan after weaning we offer board at a rate of only $100.00/mo for up to 12 months. . Deposits will be refunded in the event we don't get your live healthy foal. We are happy to put you in touch with all of our previous buyers on our FB who have been through this journey with us! Foal #1 by Gypsy vanner mare, Bella is by SD Laddie X Candy mare (imported as SD Candy Girl) GV02416P. PSSM1 n/n, is EE (black) & TT homozygous tobiano, 14.3 hands. Crossed on Shay she has a 50% chance of having either a smoky black or (smoky) blue roan foal. Bella was imported from SD Farms in England by BFSGH. She is a very stocky correct mare that is loaded with hair & feather. She has givin us some amazing foals by Quinn. For 2019 she is in foal to Shay & this was their first time paired together. This 2019 foal is for sale in utero for $7500. See sales page if interested in holding with a deposit. Foal # 2 has deposit. Foal #3 by HSF Luck Be A Lady aka "Heart" PSSM1 n/n, Ee Aa nCr nT 2015 gypsy vanner buckskin mare, HSF Chief (Romeo son) X Gold N Luck (daughter of The Boss) 14.2 hands. Heart is one of the sweetest mares you will ever find! She is very stocky with loads of hair & feather. My daughters showed her a bit last year & took her to the county fair & she got blues in her halter classes. This is her first pregnancy & she's confirmed in foal to Shay, our GVHS stallion Carolayns X Baileys Cream (a Romeo son) he is ee,CrCr,nRn cremello solid roan. Foal due in April. Color options for this foal: 25% cremello, 25% palomino, 12.50% perlino, 12.50% buckskin, 12.50% smoky cream, 6.5% blue roan & 6.5% smoky black. Heart also has the pangare gene (mealy gene) the color opportunities from this foal are endless! This 2019 foal is for sale in utero for $8500 Foal #4 by Ella Belleau. All foals by this cross are expected to mature between 15 & 16 hands. They have all been born sweet, willing & drop dead gorgeous! Ella is a registered Clydesdale as well as registered with GCDHA. She is bred to Shay, GVHS registered. Both parents are PSSM1 neg. See more of Shay on stallions page. Foal due June 2019. Ella is 16.1+ hands, EE Aa. Crossed on Shay she has a 50% chance of buckskin foal, 25 % smoky black & 25% chance for blue roan foal. The only time she has ever had black foals was when she was bred to a black stallion. Both times she was bred to a cremello she had buttermilk buckskin foals. This 2019 foal is being offered for sale in utero for $9,000 Foal #5 by Sienna. Bay tobiano, 6 yrs old, 15 hands GVHS registered gypsy vanner mare no. GV05273P The Royal Tinker Comanche X Stones Tinker. PSSM1 n/n, EE Aa. She is in foal to Shay so she has a 50% chance of buckskin foal, 25 % smoky black & 25% chance of having a blue roan foal. 2018 she had a buckskin tobiano filly by Shay. See Shay on stallions page. This 2019 foal is for sale in utero for $8500 Foal #6 by Friday The Thirteenth aka Sophie. Grulla Friesian sport horse, Reg - Click here to reveal phone number - PSSM1 n/n EE Dd, 15.2+ hands. Crossed on Shay she has 50% chance of grulla foal, 25 % chance of smoky black & 25 % chance of a blue roan foal. She is in foal to Shay & due 5-1- 9. Her smoky grulla roan 2018 foal by Shay is pictured on our website. Most of her foals tend to be grulla despite color of stallion. This 2019 foal is for sale in utero for $3500. Foal #7 is by my daughters Grulla solid APHA & IBHA registered mare, 14.3 hands. She's shown her english, western, halter & also in poles & barrels, she's well put together & places well in everything asked of her, Jack of all trades type of horse. She's got personality & sane mind. She has had a few foals for us over the years & she's a good mom. Her last 3 foals have all been grulla except her first, which was palomino so she likes to throw color even when she's bred to black stallions. Bred to Shay you could get another grulla, palomino, dunalino or a smoky black but he's also a roan so in that case the foal could be (smoky) blue roan. There are pics on our website of her (smoky) grulla 2018 foal by Shay. This 2019 foal is for sale in utero for $3000.

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