Kool-He's Got It All!

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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15.0 hh
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United States
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Paint Stallion at Stud in Grand Island, NE

Looking for beauty, poise, athleticism and gentleness to add to your heard? Kool possesses all of those characteristics and will pass them onto his foals. He stands very correct, no conformation flaws, and has natural muscle. When riding, Kool has smooth, fluid movement, and carries himself beautifully. His markings are exotic, and with his father being homozygous, he should have a high percent of color produced with solid mares. Kool also possesses a carefully bred pedigree. Heavily bred Three Bars, along with King, Colonel Freckles, Poco Bueno, King, Wimpy, Royal King, Leo, Hank - A - Chief, Skipper W, and Joe Moore. Will produce correct foals with a lot of speed, athleticism, and gentleness. Stud Fee: $300 LFG. Booking Fee $50. Hand Breeding Only! Mare care: $5 / day dry $8 / day wet. Mares must be current on all shots including strangles, have a current coggins, and health / sound breeding certificate from veterinarian.

About Grand Island, NE

In 1857, 35 German settlers left Davenport, Iowa, and headed west to Nebraska to start a new settlement on an island known by French traders as La Grande Isle, which was formed by the Wood River and the Platte River. The settlers reached their destination on July 4, 1857, and by September had built housing using local timber. Over the next nine years, the settlers had to overcome many hardships, including blizzards and conflicts with Native Americans. They set up farms but initially had no market to sell their goods until a market opened at Fort Kearny. When the Pike's Peak Gold Rush began, Grand Island was the last place travelers could obtain supplies before they crossed the plains.

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