Lovingtalented Eventingstallion Prospect

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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17.0 hh
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United States
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Holsteiner Stallion for Sale in Belleville, MI

www. haremhills. com Foals Quissy Pics and Movies. agdirect. com Quissy. A breeding dream come true, and the best possible combination of his 100 day test winning father and eventing / dressage / showjumping mother. Currently paired up with a 24 yr old to learn driving, he made the most beautiful tucks through the fence webbing as an infant, and sky is the limit. His legs are just perfect, and thick, yet his head and neck are refined. He has at least an 8 trot (see his movies) , and an effortless canter. He was born 6 days too late to inspect as a foal. Would prefer that he stay a stallion, but will consider gelding. His personality is so nice you'd think he was a gelding. Flower pony for our wedding. www. mybigfatgeekwedding. org See Photos, Guest Pictures, Cheap Cameras. Will pick you up at DTW airport and provide lodging. ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

About Belleville, MI

The community was named in honor of landowner James Bell by adroitly choosing the French word for "beautiful town". The hamlet was platted in 1847 with the main thoroughfares still used today designated Main, Liberty, and High Street. About 1881, the Belleville depot on the Detroit line of the Wabash Railroad began serving travelers from across the region and the country. Belleville was established as a village in 1905, when its governance separated from Van Buren Township by an act of the State Legislature. Located on the Huron River which was a natural trade route, the village had long been a thriving center for lumber businesses with saw mills located along the shores of the river.

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