AQHA Sorrel Mare

Tennessee Walking
1 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.2 hh
Foal Date
January, 2016
United States
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Tennessee Walking Mare for Sale in Fayetteville, AR

WWW.CLASSICHORSEAUCTION.COM THIS HOSE IS LOCATED FAYETTEVILLE, AR *** CURRENT BID IS 2500 **** BUY NOW PRICE AVAILABLE To view health docs, see consignor’s info, how to schedule a meeting to try it out, visit our site… VIDEO>> Versatile AQHA Mare: Your Ultimate Riding Companion Looking for a horse that does it all? Look no further! Meet our exceptional 9-year-old AQHA mare, a true all-around superstar. With a rich resume and a heart of gold, she’s the equine partner you’ve been dreaming of. Performance & Show Record: This remarkable mare has graced both the English and Western show rings at local shows, showcasing her versatility and talent. From precision in the arena to finesse on the trail, she’s proven herself time and again as a reliable and accomplished competitor. Trail Prodigy: Venture into the great outdoors with confidence! Our mare is a seasoned trail veteran, unphased by any obstacle in her path. Whether riding solo, leading a trail string, or following the pack, she navigates with poise and assurance. No spook, buck, kick, or bite – just miles of worry-free adventures ahead. Exceptional Manners: From pasture to paddock, she’s a breeze to handle. Approachable, responsive, and eager to please, she’s every rider’s dream come true. Her impeccable ground manners make every interaction a pleasure, whether grooming, tacking up, or simply spending time together. Pedigree & Progeny: With impressive bloodlines and a proven track record as a broodmare, she brings excellence to both the saddle and the breeding barn. Her offspring inherit her exceptional temperament and athleticism, making her a valuable asset to any breeding program. Perfect Partner for All Ages & Levels: Whether teaching lessons, leading the way for young riders, or patiently guiding green enthusiasts, she adapts effortlessly to her rider’s skill level and needs. Gentle, tolerant, and endlessly forgiving, she instills confidence and fosters growth in riders of all ages and abilities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this extraordinary mare your own. With her talent, temperament, and unwavering dedication, she’s more than just a horse – she’s a cherished companion for a lifetime of memories. Fayetteville, AR EMILY ELGIN 615-542-4564 Nationwide Shipping Assistance Available Classic Horse Auction 931-224-2968

About Fayetteville, AR

In 1828, George McGarrah settled at Big Spring with his family on the modern day corner of Spring and Willow, founding the town of Washington, and starting work on the courthouse. On October 17, Washington County was established, Washington chosen as the county seat. The Washington Courthouse was finished in 1829, and also contained the post office. Later in the year Postmaster Larkin Newton changed the name to the Fayetteville Courthouse, to avoid confusing with Washington, Hempstead County. Two councilmen selected to name the city were from Fayetteville, Tennessee, which was itself named for Fayetteville, North Carolina (where some of its earliest residents had lived before moving to Tennessee).

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