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Tennessee Walking
1 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.2 hh
Foal Date
August, 2016
United States
Ad Status

Tennessee Walking Gelding for Sale in Marion Junction, AL

W2 Horses is proud to offer Al’s Silver Mist Sunshine, affectionately known as Landy, a beautiful Registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that defines perfection. From his dark golden color, big bone, and stout conformation to his gentle soul, experience, skill, and willingness to please, you will search the whole world over looking for another one like him. At 3 years old, Landy started our training program and has excelled in everything we have asked of him. He has been trained slowly and correctly, learning basic groundwork, flexion, yielding hindquarters, advanced training in the saddle, and bareback and BRIDLELESS riding! Landy has completed all phases of his training and has an excellent foundation to stay with him for life. Landy is honest, he is solid, and he is the same every hour of every day. He truly has a gentle soul who is always patient, kind, and willing. Landy is a true gentleman and is gentle enough for every level rider. From beginners to the most experienced riders, he will adapt accordingly to who is on his back. He is the most versatile gaited horse you will find. From trail riding, ranch work, mounted shooting, bird hunting, pack trips, and pony parties, he does it all with perfection. Landy is a trail master who has traveled thousands of miles from the Southeast to Montana. He is confident on the trails and is very sure-footed. His big, bold, and shapey build gives him the stamina to carry any size rider all day through any terrain. Landy will willingly go wherever you point him, carefully, steadily, and cautiously, taking his time through tricky trails. He is great with water, bridges, traffic, bicycles, wagons, opening/closing gates, and ponying other horses. Landy is trustworthy and confident riding out alone or will quietly ride in a large group of horses. If you need to leave the group, Landy will leave willingly when you ask. Landy is one of those few horses you can give the reins and trust that he will take care of you. Not only is Landy a trail master, he is experienced in all aspects of ranch work. He is calm and quiet, working and sorting cattle. He doesn’t mind dragging down timber or the sound of the chainsaw clearing trails. He has extensive experience bird hunting and is exceptional with all gunfire and wildlife. He is great with dogs jumping all over him and will even let them ride in the saddle with you. Landy is so calm and patient; we have used him extensively for pony parties. He loves attention and will happily let the kids play with him all day long. From standing perfectly still for them to groom him from head to toe to walking miles around the same circle for pony rides, he loves the attention and all the treats! He is careful with the little ones, dropping his head for them to pet him and watching them closely while they lead him around. He truly has the sweetest personality and loves affection..... To find out more about Landy visit MyHorseConnection.com or call us!

About Marion Junction, AL

Marion Junction, also known as Bridges, is an unincorporated community in Dallas County, Alabama. ^ "Marion Junction". Geographic Names Information System . United States Geological Survey. ^ "Marion Junction, Alabama".

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