Blue Roan Draftcross

Blue Duck
Quarter Horse
Blue Roan
1 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
16.1 hh
Foal Date
January, 2010
United States
Ad Status

Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Middletown, OH

He’s big, he’s beautiful, he’s a true blue roan and he is absolutely safe for the entire family. Everyone meet Blue Duck. Blue Duck is a very majestic coming 12 year old gelding, he stands 16.1 hands tall weighing in at 1400 pounds. He is the definition of bombproof. You don’t have to be a cowboy to ride blue duck, Blue duck has completed every phase of ranch work in his life. He has been up and down the road all over the United States shagging bulls and picking up broncs. Blue duck has also been used on the ranch for day work as well. We have doctored calves, branded calves, sorted, loaded trucks with him. We have used him to pull logs out of the woods as well as deer. He would make a great pack horse as well. Blue duck is an awesome trail horse. He has been all over the country trail riding from ky, tenn, ohio, Michigan, Illinois etc. he has seen every obstacle in the woods and on the road. He crosses creeks, rivers, fallen trees, boulders and will go up and down the rough steep hills with out any hesitation while taking care of his mount. We have recently used blue duck for our daughter practice horse for jr rodeo this is her first year as our daughter is 2. She loves riding blue duck he absolutely takes care of her. Blue duck has also been hunted off of gun, and bow hunting, you can easily pack a pistol or rifle and go in the woods. He would also make a great mounted shooting horse. He stands to be mounted, dismounted on and off the trail. He stands to be saddled, bridled, brushed, clipped, bathed and our farrier said he wished every horse was like him. Blue duck has the softest jog I’ve ever sat on. He has a very collective walk , trot and canter. He catches both his leads every time, has a great stop and back up. He will one hand neck rein, side pass, and you can open and close gates off of him Blue duck cantors nice, slow, collective circles. He can be ridden English or western. He has been over the jumps as well. Blue duck will never disappoint his rider. You don’t have to ever worry about lunging him or him being fresh, or jumpy. He is the absolutely same horse every time you put your foot in the stirrup. He gets along with any horse he’s turned out with, his current best friend is a potbelly pig named Debra. He loads and unloads in and out of a stock or slant trailer. Blue duck is 100% sound with no bad habits or vices. If you’re looking a big, pretty, safe, eye catching gelding blue duck is your man. We will 100% guarantee him in every possible. He will never disappoint in any discipline you want to do with him. He’s family safe and loves to be ridden. Call Jeff 606-219-1316 with any questions. Located in Middletown, OH.

About Middletown, OH

The city's name is believed to have been given by its founder, Stephen Vail, but questions remain unanswered as to why. One local historian stated that the city received its name because Vail had come from Middletown, New Jersey. Another writer believed that the city was named Middletown because it was the midway point of navigation on the Great Miami River, which was then considered a navigable stream. Another theory is credited to the city being roughly halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati. Vail centered the city in Fractional Section 28 of Town 2, Range 4 North.

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