Black, Quarter Horse, Gelding

Quarter Horse
1 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.2 hh
Foal Date
December, 2016
United States
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Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Pittsburgh, PA

What not to do: Pull your horse out for the first time in 2 months before show day… Although it's frowned upon, Ironman is your exception. In fact, he's an exceptional horse all the way around! From the time we bought him, as a yearling, he has been a standout. Smart, willing, inquisitive, athletic and personality for days. He's the first one to meet you out in the pasture, ready for all the attention you could give him without being pushy. Once you catch him, he wants nothing more than to be your friend, but once you throw a leg over him, that's when you know you've got something special. That something extra! Maybe it's his smooth gaits; pitter pat trot, big ranch trot, rocking chair lope, then all the speed you could ever need, but the moment you take your foot off the gas he idles back down to cruising speed. Conformationally, he is flawless! Profile, 3/4 shot, head on, you name it, he looks good from every angle. With an intelligent eye, blazed face and tiny ears, an artist couldn't have sculpted a prettier head. But what's inside is even better! Mature beyond his years, he started packing our Grandson, Wyatt, who was 7 at the time, around in the show pen when he was just a 3 year old. There again, he proved he was the exception to the rule. Throwing down Ranch Riding patterns that put Mom to shame! Yep, I got whooped by my boy and I couldn't have been happier about it! Fast forward a year, when he jumped off the trailer, trotted into the ring for Ranch Conformation and Ironman pulled down another win. Once we had him saddled, our Granddaughter, Teagan, who was 7, entered up in the Jackpot Ranch Rail class, and again I stood, along with everyone else, behind that Stunning Black Gelding Seems like no matter what he's doing, Ironman does it with flare. Hands down he is one of the most beautiful lead changers I've ever seen – if you cue him, he will change effortlessly! He even drags calves to the fire with that "watch me" presence, I don't know how he does it! His potential as a high end head horse is unreal; he has more rate than any 10 horses combined. Not only that but you can just feel that inner intensity, yet he's so patient with me, then my hubby can back him in on the next run and just lay it down! Ironman will 100% meet you where you are in your riding ability and take care of you. Contact us for more information.

About Pittsburgh, PA

Historical claims French Empire 1669–1758 British Empire 1681–1781 United States 1776–present Pittsburgh was named in 1758, by General John Forbes, in honor of British statesman William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham. As Forbes was a Scot, he probably pronounced the name / ˈ p ɪ t s b ər ə / PITS-bər-ə (similar to Edinburgh). Pittsburgh was incorporated as a borough on April 22, 1794, with the following Act: "Be it enacted by the Pennsylvania State Senate and Pennsylvania House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ... by the authority of the same, that the said town of Pittsburgh shall be ... erected into a borough, which shall be called the borough of Pittsburgh for ever." From 1891 to 1911, the city's name was federally recognized as "Pittsburg", though use of the final h was retained during this period by the city government and other local organizations.

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