Good Using Horse

Quarter Horse
5 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.2 hh
Foal Date
January, 2015
United States
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Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Lancaster, PA

Here is your next good using horse! “Big Sexy” aka Bigs, is a 15.2 hand Quarter Horse gelding and the brokest thing North of the Mason Dixon. For someone looking to cover serious ground, get after cattle, hop in the box, and do the speed events, he’s your guy. Bigs is truly broke like they should be with a two finger neck rein, wicked stop, big back up, and is light as a feather on his side as well as his mouth. He’ll lope from a standstill and picks up his leads. This is a horse you ride with your body, not your hands. Think it and he does it. He never fights against your hands or feels out of control. He will prance a few steps after you have amped him up, but otherwise doesn’t get so worked up that he loses his mind. Bigs had a job chasing down loose cattle before his trainer sold him, and he will gladly eat it up every day. This guy is LIGHT on his feet and always conscious, with good self preservation, about where he is putting himself. He doesn’t blink an eye through thick brush, and has no stop at something you point him at that he knows he can clear. Bigs is handy on the road and is traffic safe as well as good with farm equipment. He goes out alone and hunts down the job you’re about to give him. Doesn’t like being mounted from a mounting block and prefers you mount him from the ground. In the barn, you can trust him with your kids around. He’s got some of the best ground manners I've ever seen on a horse. He’ll fly spray, stand to be tacked, self bridles, enjoys being groomed, stands in cross ties, ground ties, and straight ties. Great to be shod and picks up his feet with a tap of your hand. Easy going and falls asleep in the barn isle. Good for the vet, and friendly to everyone. Loves a good scratch and a cookie, acts like a big ole dog once he gets to know you. He’s the low man in the pasture and never starts any issues. Loads right up in a trailer and hauls quietly. Bigs isn’t a horse for your small child or nervous/ inexperienced rider, nor will we send him to you if you are that. This horse is way too broke and will intimidate someone who doesn’t know how to ride. He certainly isn’t mean, but he needs a job. He is all business under saddle and wants to move out. Bigs will not take a joke, and needs a rider who knows how to ride a horse of this caliber. He’s sensitive, smart and willing to do as you ask, qualities that an experienced rider will enjoy. We really enjoy this horse, and will continue to trail ride, work cattle, and haul out to ranch classes with him until he is sold. 110% sound and clean legged. Has a fresh set of shoes on the whole way around. Easy keeper. We do get him routinely massaged as he was very tense due to poor saddle fit when he arrived. This is something we do recommend his new person keeps up with.

About Lancaster, PA

Originally called Hickory Town, the city was renamed after the English city of Lancaster by native John Wright. Its symbol, the red rose, is from the House of Lancaster. Lancaster was part of the 1681 Penn's Woods Charter of William Penn, and was laid out by James Hamilton in 1734. It was incorporated as a borough in 1742 and incorporated as a city in 1818. During the American Revolution, Lancaster was the capital of the United States for one day, on September 27, 1777, after the Continental Congress fled Philadelphia, which had been captured by the British.

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