Fun Kids Pony!

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April, 2010
United States
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Pony Mare for Sale in Lancaster, PA

Meet Miss Mocha! She is looking for a home with a few kids (or just one!) to make some new memories with and go on some pretty awesome adventures! Okay...and maybe she likes to be dressed up in pink! Standing at 12 hands and a young 12 years old, Mocha is a stocky haflinger cross. She came to us from an Amish farm, where she was driving and toting the kids around. Sadly, she was outgrown and we thought she would be an awesome fit here! And she is!! Mocha will go Western, English or bareback. She is going to be more of a walk/trot girl but will canter with some leg. She can be a bit lazy in the canter is all. No buck, rear, bolt, kick, etc. Mocha stands to be mounted and will take you back to the mounting block to dismount. Her trot is slow, smooth and easy to sit. I wouldn’t classify her as a kick ride because she is actually responsive to what you would like her to do. She is happy to go as fast or as slow as you would like. With a great stop and good steering, you feel really comfortable and in control of her. On the trail she will go out alone or with others. Cars don’t bother her one bit. She will cross water, logs, and is fine with other farm animals as well as crazy dogs like ours! We have wrapped her up like a christmas present in a tarp, walked her across and even ran the leaf blower over her without much of a reaction at all. She can be happily stalled or left out to pasture. You are able to stall her without her getting hot and forward the next day. Mocha is a pony who can sit and still ride the same. In the barn she will cross tie and pick up each foot with just a simple tap of your hand. She is fine to be touched all over and will stand to be groomed for as long as you would like. Easy to tack and will take a bit herself. Not cinchy or rude while getting saddled. Mocha is sound, barefoot and ready to start her new life. This is a very deserving pony who is enjoying her new surroundings and people! Mocha enjoys cookies and will snuggle you while she is laying down in her stall for a nap. She also likes to smile when you give her cookies sometimes! Mocha requires no maintenance or special upkeep. We do recommend a muzzle for very lush grass because she is a little chunk of a pony! Otherwise she is a simple gal who just eats some yummy orchard grass hay. Mocha will leave to her new people UTD on vaccines and coggins.

About Lancaster, PA

Originally called Hickory Town, the city was renamed after the English city of Lancaster by native John Wright. Its symbol, the red rose, is from the House of Lancaster. Lancaster was part of the 1681 Penn's Woods Charter of William Penn, and was laid out by James Hamilton in 1734. It was incorporated as a borough in 1742 and incorporated as a city in 1818. During the American Revolution, Lancaster was the capital of the United States for one day, on September 27, 1777, after the Continental Congress fled Philadelphia, which had been captured by the British.

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