7 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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14.2 hh
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October, 2005
United States
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Mare for Sale in Altavista, VA

Spot is NOT a kids pony she is selling for the main purpose of not having room. spot is a TWH and QH mix, she doesn't have papers (bought at action) she is about 16 yrs old. she does rear when not giving what she wants I've tried to get it out of her but nothing has worked so she is a project. she does ride under saddle but is green broke never ridden English and isn't vary bit trained ether you can put a bit in her mouth but she will chew and lick at it. DOESNT take well to negative reinforcement SHE WAS ABUSED so I've never hit her with whips or anything she lunges fine in the right direction she's not really sure about the left. she doesn't crib or anything like that she loads, ties with a hay bag just to keep her occupied, I've personally never clipped her. she is going for 3,500 PRICE IS NEGOCIABLE only to a fitting home she does stay inside a paddock with turn out sometimes trying to get her on full turn out (its my grandma horse) so she might founder. spot will test you under saddle she hasn't toke off with me ever. she recently just got her feet done and i need to UTD her shots so ill do that before selling and coggins. spot was going to be a project pony but my still being in school and my grandma spoiling and getting attached to her kind of ruined the plans of retraining her and selling so i'm selling her as a project pony again. contact me at

About Altavista, VA

The town of Altavista was created in 1905 during the construction of the east-west Tidewater Railway between Giles County (on the border with West Virginia) and Sewell's Point in what was at the time Norfolk County. Planned by Campbell County native William Nelson Page and financier and industrialist Henry Huttleston Rogers, the Tidewater Railway was combined with the Deepwater Railway in West Virginia to form the new Virginian Railway in 1907. Although it was a common carrier and offered limited passenger service until 1956, the main purpose of the Virginian Railway was to haul bituminous coal from the mountains to coal piers on the ice-free harbor of Hampton Roads. Lane Brothers Construction Company was the contractor for constructing 32 miles (51 km) of the Tidewater Railway, including its crossing of the existing north-south Southern Railway in Campbell County. Three Lane brothers purchased 2,000 acres (8.1 km 2) of land near the point where the railroads would intersect, and had civil engineers lay out a new town with streets and lots, complete with water, sewer, telephone service, and electric lines.

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