Latcho's Shadow Premium Black Stallion Standing Stud 2016

Gypsy Vanner
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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15.0 hh
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United States
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Gypsy Vanner Stallion at Stud in Douglas, WY

Shadow is the type of horse that makes mouth's drop, even mine, and I see him every day. A Stallion like Shadow only previously existed solely in the imagination and hearts of the World's finest horse enthusiasts, until now. He is a monumental success in his trade. His equally talented trainer has taken him through many levels of jumping and is currently jumping just over 5 feet. As he strategically unfolds his power and times his agility with massive strength, adjusting inclination and form, he means serious business. With total focus and a self powered passion, to work his art. He Is, Truly, Latcho's Shadow, "pun" intended. A Premium Black Stallion with a matching Latcho star on his head. Shadow is in his prime and his physique is so astouding-he is so fit that it's illuminating to everyone who sees him, on how well built Gypsy Vanners truly are, to tackle any feat! Shadow is a celebration everyday and his personality is just exhilerating, literally a work of art, inside and out. Shadow's not All business though. He meets & greets with a knealing bow, for a cookie! What a Charmer. Shadow is Standing Stud and available for Fresh Cooled shipped semen. Contact for contract. He is homozygous black, EE.

About Douglas, WY

Douglas was platted in 1886 when the Wyoming Central Railway (later the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company) established a railway station; the settlement had been in existence since 1867 when Fort Fetterman was built and was first known as "Tent City" before it was officially named "Douglas", after Senator Stephen A. Douglas. It served as a supply point, warehousing and retail, for surrounding cattle ranches, as well as servicing railway crews, cowboys and the troops of the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Fetterman. Douglas was the home of a World War II internment camp.

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