2005 Registered APHA Gelding

Red Roan
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2005
United States
Ad Status

Paint Gelding for Sale in Grapevine, TX

This is a decision that I've been struggling with for at least a year now, but I truly think it's what's best for "Blue" and I! All the questions are answered truly honest and this is an ADVANCED RIDERS ONLY! I would love to work out an agreement where I could stay in touch with new owners and be offered first to buy back. Vet checks welcomed and encouraged. Delivery available with discussion. Truck, tack, and trailer will all be going up for sale too. Wormed, vaccinated, and updated coggins on 3/28/2016. 1. How long have you owned this horse? Six years. 2. What is the reason for selling? Money is tight for school and extra pressure to raise my GPA gives me no time to exercise him anymore. 3. Do they have any vices or bad habits? Very strong willed horse that will pick up insecurities and use to his advantage. 4. Are they submissive or dominant? Tries to be dominant, but will submit when asked. 5. Are they registered? Registered APHA 6. What are their personality quirks? One of the smartest horses you will ever meet. True personality in everything he does. Blue will try and find a way to do things "his way" and challenge you to think harder and become a better horseman. 7. Are they friendly or shy? Friendly, friendly, friendly! 8. Do you know their history? Worst injury was a very mild abscesses that was able to go away in a couple of days. 9. Where did you buy them from? Hill Country Horses 10. Do they have any conformation flaws? No 11. Who is their sire and dam? S: Clues Geppedo D: Mega Whoop 12. Have you leased this horse out? No 13. Have they ever had an injury? One abscess that went away in several days. A kick that needed some bute and a few days of rest. Rope burn that needed medicine. 14. Have they ever been ill? No 15. Have you ever vetted the horse? Yes 16. Do they receive yearly vaccinations? Yes 17. Which vaccinations do you use? 18. Have they been dewormed regularly? Seasonally 19. Which dewormers do you use and how often? Vet choice, seasonally 20 When did this horse last see the vet? 21. Who is your vet? Jenn Voellinger 22. Have they ever had colic? No 23. Are there any ongoing or undiagnosed health concerns? No 24. Have they ever been abused or neglected? No 25. What level rider do they need? Advanced 26. How often is the horse ridden? Weekly 27. When was the horse last ridden? 28. Have they been shown? Not competitively 29. What are their competition results? 2nd at TCJLS Halter Show 30. Which discipline are they best suited for? Anything fast! 31. What is the horse like to take out? Energetic 32. Do they cross natural obstacles? Yes 33. Are they safe in traffic? Yes 34. Has the horse ever bucked, bolted or reared? Bucks and rears when excited, never bolted 35. What type of bit do you ride in? Twisted dog bone snaffle 36. Have they ever jumped? Yes, Blue loves it 37. Does the horse go out alone and in company? Both 38. Who has ridden them? Mainly me 39. Who has been involved in the training? No one in the past few years 40. Have they had any training issues? Likes to out-smart you 41. Have they been ridden indoors? No 42. Do they require strong aids? No 43. Is it difficult to find a saddle that fits? Yes, ended up buying a treeless saddle since his withers are so wide. 44. Do they require any special tack? Wide or treeless saddles! 45. Does the horse load easily? Yes 46. What types of trailers have they been in? Straight, slant, stock 47. Are they easy to catch? 90% of the time 48. How much ground work have they done? Lots but left alone a lot in the past year 49. Do they require a firm handler? Confidence is key with Blue 50. Have they been lunged? Yes. Will go the direction you point, turn in towards you, and stop and approach you if you back up. 51. Have they worked in side reins or other training devices? No 52. How do they respond to corrections? I try to use a more of push-through style with Blue since he can escalate the situation and stress himself out. 53. Have they done any Natural Horsemanship training? No 54. What areas of the horses training are lacking and need work? Just needs to be ridden more often. 55. How does the horse handle pressure? Very sensitive 56. What could the horse to do surprise me? He spins when he gets very excited. 57. Is the horse herd bound? Yes 58. What type of halter do you use? Currently a Bronc halter, but he's easier to handle in a rope halter. 59. What is their current living situation? He's turned out with a mare, gelding, and a mini with access to stall and pasture 24/7 60. Do they get along with other horses? Yes, but picks a favorite 61. Have they ever worn a blanket? Yes 62. When were their teeth last floated? October-ish 2015 63. Have they ever been clipped? Not full body clipped, but face, ears, bridal path. 64. Are they easy to bath? Squirmy, but not difficult. 65. Is the horse allergic to anything? No 66. How large is their turnout space? A little over an acre 67. Have they been around other livestock? Yes, does not get along with goats whatsoever 68. Will they stand to have their mane pulled/braided? Yes 69. How do they handle a new environment? Usually extra energy and attentiveness 70. Do they stand quietly while tied? Will untie himself 71. What climate are they accustomed to? Texas! 72. How do they handle fly spray? Doesn't bat an eye 73. What feed and supplements is the horse on now? Purina Safe Choice 74. Is it difficult for them to maintain weight? No 75. Do they eat alone or in a herd? Alone, food aggressive 76. Are they turned out on pasture? Yes 77. How often are they fed? Twice a day 78. What is their feeding routine? One scoop morning and night and one flake of costal hay morning and night 79. What types of feed have they had in the past? Mainly Safe Choice, but had no issues when I switched to a barn standard at one point, but I can't remember what it was. 80. Do they have any issues with particular feeds? No 81. Have their hooves been trimmed regularly? Every 6 weeks roughly 82. Do they wear shoes? No 83. Have they ever required corrective shoeing? No 84. Who is their farrier? Patrick Carrell 85. Has the horse ever had laminitis? No 86. Has the horse ever been lame? Tender footed after all the rain in 2015, put on sole paint and was perfectly fine. 87. Are their feet prone to cracking? No 88. Do their hooves require any additional care? No

About Grapevine, TX

In October 1843, General Sam Houston and fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners camped at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, also known as Grape Vine Springs, to meet with leaders of 10 Indian nations. This meeting culminated in the signing of a treaty of "peace, friendship, and commerce," which opened the area for homesteaders. The settlement that emerged was named Grape Vine due to its location on the appropriately-named Grape Vine Prairie near Grape Vine Springs, both names in homage to the wild grapes that grew in the area. The first recorded white settlement in what would become the modern city occurred in the late 1840s and early 1850s. General Richard Montgomery Gano owned property near Grape Vine and helped organize the early settlement against Comanche raiding parties before leading his band of volunteers to battle in the American Civil War.

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