Two 5 yr old Paint Mares

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
14.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2011
United States
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Paint Mare for Sale in Blanco, TX

Thought I had these girls sold, but buyer could not find a they are back on the market. His loss, your gain. Please read entire description before asking questions...thanks! Sell or trade These are two APHA, non-registered mares. When these babies were born, life was insane and I never sent in their papers. Now, I have no idea where I put them and I have since sold both their mommas and the stallion. If you wanted to contact APHA, I will sign what I need to, but no promises on getting them registered. Selling as grade. Sadly or gladly (depending on how you look at it), soon after these girls turned 7 months, I got pregnant and my focus turned to two legged babies. In the last few years, these fillies have been fed well and taken care of, but not really worked with. I know, shame on me! Horses should not be yard art! Now that the kiddos are a bit older, I want to get the kids down to the barn. Nonetheless, I still do not have the time to work with these girls. Both of these girls are 5 yrs old and 14.2/14.3hh. The one with minimal white (my niece's call her Ruby) is a well put together bay mare. She needs the most work out of the two. She can be haltered and led. She ties (most of the time). She has not been desensitized to much of anything, so you stick her with a needle to give vaccines and she reacts just like a yearling that has not been worked with. She was imprinted as a foal and has a good head (she is not stupid), but she is green in almost every way. Still needs work on picking up her feet and everything else. Nonetheless, she is not mean spirited. The mare who is 60% white, "sparky," has been handled much more. She was injured on her neck as a 4 month old and we had to do a lot of doctoring. That means a lot of handling. She has no residual effects from the wound. Actually, you can hardly even see it. She has full range of motion. If I didn't tell you about it, you would not even know it ever happened. This girl leads, ties, and allows you to pick up her feet without too much hesitation. As far as personality, she is a giant dog! She also has a good head and likes to please. Neither mare has ever been bred, but they are assumed sound for breeding. Selling Ruby for $500 and Sparky for $750. I would be willing to trade one or both mares for the right kids horse or pony. Would also consider parting with one for a good mini mare that is in foal. Buyer will be responsible for pick up (and if trade agreement made, drop off). If you have any questions or offers, feel free to email me at

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