Shetland Pony Gelding

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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10.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2001
United States
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Pony Gelding for Sale in Blanco, TX

PLEASE read entire post. $1000 obo or Possible Trade. If you have questions that I have not answered once you read the post, please comment or PM me. This is "Dandy." He truly fits his name. He is a beautiful sorrel Shetland gelding with a flaxen mane and tail. He is approximately 15 yrs old and 10.1 hh. He, like most Shetlands, has a couple of quirks, but he is awesome with children. He is not papered. We have owned this boy for 7 years and have taught 2 little girls how to ride on him. Before I had my two legged babies, I was 110lbs and I would hop on him to give him a "tune up" every once in awhile. He is a smart and willing little horse. However, as mentioned before, he has they are: 1. He will not let an adult catch him in pasture. I have seen multiple small children walk straight up to him and he has no issue with it. An adult does the same and he plays keep away. There have been times when he will play keep away with a child also - it depends on his mood. What we do is grab a feed bucket and open the barn. This boy trucks it to his stall and waits to be fed! Once in his stall, it is no problem to halter him. Once the halter is on, he is in work mode and listens very well. 2. He is NOT a push over. If a full sized horse tries to "put him in his place," the boy will usually teach the larger horse a lesson. Luckily, with his size, he has never done any real damage (other than hurting the larger horse's pride). Each of my mares (some 16+ hh) have only crossed him once. As I stated before, this boy was used to teach my nieces to ride. We pulled him out of pasture after 2 years of being "just a horse." He came in twice a day to eat and then was turned back out to graze. We brought him in, saddled him up, and stuck a 7 yr old, and then a 5yr old on his back. He was awesome. As the girls became more confident, we would allow them to ride him off line while in the arena. At this time, the only reason he would need a tune up was when he would decide to "tune out" the girls and not pick up speed when asked. However, they did not ride often. I know if this boy was ridden regularly that he would be spectacular. He works well as a pony that can be led around, works on a lunge line, and has also been ridden with a tom thumb or a hackamore. We have only put child size saddles on him (10 - 12") This boy has never reared, bucked, kicked, bitten, or run off. He is used to wild deer, tractors, skid steers, four wheelers, and guns. Full disclosure, no one has been on him in 2.5 years. I have no doubt that he will pick up right where he left off. If you want to try him before you buy him, I have no problem with that. We can set up a time for you to come out and meet him. Good for farrier, up to date on deworming, will get coggins redone if he sells (he has always been negative). He is fine with winter blankets. He is also a fairly easy keeper. I do not HAVE to sell this boy. I have a young child that could use him someday soon. I may consider a trade. My youngest child LOVES mini horses. Those she has come in to contact with LOVE attention.A mare with this personality is a must - basically, a horse/ I would consider a mare in foal or a pair of mini horses as a trade. All adult mini horses should have no bite, kick, or spook. My son is ready for his own horse, would consider a mare that is kid safe 13+ hh and 12 years or younger. If you have a horse/pony for me to consider, let me know! Will only trade for the "right" fit. Contact me with any questions! Thanks for reading my novella. Email me at

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