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3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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January, 2009
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Warmblood Gelding for Sale in Vilnius, Poland

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3pT_i-1SFQ Supremo - 6 year old danish warmblood gelding by Blue Hors Romanov (now called Glock's Romanov)/Blue Hors Soprano/Sandro Hit. He is born in Denmark and is 178 cm. The horse has super basic gates and extremaly great personality: very friendly, attentive, loves to cope with the rider and always tries his best. Depsite his height the horse is still very light on the aids and moves with elasticity and very good balance, very soft mounth. It is pure magic to ride this horse. Supremo has an absolutely top pedigree: His Sir Glock's Romanov was bought for the dutch Olympic rider Edward Gal for the London Olympic Games. They have been making top perfomances by achieving over 80% in many CDI competitions. Romanov is one of the most used sires in Denmark and Germany and he owns a large share of the incredible success that Danish Warmblood has achieved in recent years as one of the leading studbooks producing dressage horses. He is the sir of 2009 World Young Dressage Champion Honnerups Drive ( now is being competed at Grand Prix legel by danish Olympic rider Anna Kazsprak), premium breeding stallion Skovens Rafael, 2015 European Young Rider Champion Equestricons Walkure, he is also the dam sir of the new rising Grand Prix Star for Edward Gal - Glock's Zonik and also is the dam sir the sensational mares Fiontini and Fiontina what got 1 st and 2 nd in the World Young Dressage Championship in 2015. Sandro Hit is the Sir - Legend of modern type, unique breedig record: numerous Bundeschampions, Dressage World Champion, first progency winning Grand Prix and successful in World Cups and participants of the Olympic Games. He was one of the few sires in the world who has made such a huge impact on breeding of dressage horses all over the world. Supremo is a truly gifted for dressage, with 3 good gaits with lovely canter, naturally rhythmical and balanced. Rhythmical trot with lovely shoulder freedom. Correct, relaxed clear 4-beat walk. Easy to move sideways. Gaits are very easy to sit to. Ridden in simple soft snaffle bit. A truly gentelman in daily routine: grooming, shoeing, washing, vetting, clipping, transporting. Regularly shod, de-wormed, microchipped, vaccinated, blood tests made. Always on a high quality diet, supplements, top care. 1 st class x-rays!!! A girl in the video is only 160cm!!! VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3pT_i-1SFQ VERY GOOD PRICE!!!!!!! Transport Worldwide available!!! For more info and price please mail info@horsesales.lt tel nr: +370 684 30910

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