Barbiran Beautiful Thoroughbred Filly For Sale

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2010
United States
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Thoroughbred Horses for Sale in Central Islip, NY

Barbiran is a beautiful 4 year old thoroughbred. Barbiran is a registered thoroughbred through the jockey club. Barbie was on the racetrack but never did race. She is completely sound no issues other than she was started a little too early on the track and needed a little more time to grow up. She is green on her right lead but we have being making great progress with that. She walk, trots, and canters with the minor issue with her right lead canter. She has gone over ground poles and has no problem with them. She has wonderful ground manners, she is a complete doll to be around. She doesnt kick,bite, or crib. She is not spooky to many things, she is a very sensible filly. She is a quick learner and she aims to please her rider, if she makes a mistake she always wants to go back and make it right. I think she would make a great childrens horse with a bit more work. The only reason I am selling her is because she is about 15.2- 15.3 hands tall and I am a little too big for her and she needs some more work and I dont have enough time to work with her everyday being Im still in school. If you are interested please contact me and we can set up a date for you to come by and see her!

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Prior to the arrival of European settlers, the Secatogue tribe of Algonquin native-American people lived in the area now known as Central Islip. In 1842, the Long Island Rail Road's eastward expansion reached the area, and the Suffolk County Station was opened up. The Suffolk County Station, became the commercial center for housing. With that being done the name Central Islip was thus born, and applied to a new station built in 1873 further to the east. The modern Central Islip station is in a different location from all of its predecessors.

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