Smooth Gaited Trail Horse Deluxe

Tennessee Walking
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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15.0 hh
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United States
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Tennessee Walking Mare for Sale in Virgilina, VA

If you love to ride, you will LOVE Carmelita! She has been ridden miles and miles of trails, through all types of terrain! This GEORGEOUS Golden Dappled Buckskin Tobiano is a well built 15. 2h, 9 yo mare in excellent health and amazing body condition!! She has all the stamina and heart to carry you to the ends of the earth and back, if that is where you want to go! Carmelita is a steady seasoned veteran trail horse and she is about as predictable as any horse can be - NOT afraid of anything! She enjoys trail riding and walks with a purpose - she does not have to be held back but you do not have to prod her to go either. She has an incredible smooth gait - at any speed and for someone who truly LOVES to ride - you will absolutely LOVE her! She has an "idiot - proof" gait - even when barefoot and as fast as you ask her to go! She quite possibly could be one of the smoothest horses you will ever ride! This horse is careful and safe on the trail and navigates easily on steep terrain - up or down hill. She is fearless and will go absolutely ANYWHERE you ask her to go - every time and without hesitation! Anyone with basic skills will just have a ball with this gal! She has an easy handle and listens well to voice commands and her brakes are well - installed! Rides in a "bitless" bridle, too! She backs readily and even neck reins for an added bonus! This video shows her being ridden by our 13 year old daughter. She will walk along when asked and will gait easily when the rider is ready to do so. She will try anything you ask her - this was the very FIRST time we ever tried her in a bitless bridle and she adapted to the new idea without issue! Neither she nor Kacie (rider) had ever stepped up on the big rock before and "up she goes" when asked! She is as terrific on the ground as she is under saddle. She is as smooth as glass, and can really "rack - on" when you want her to - fas

About Virgilina, VA

Virgilina is a town in Halifax County, Virginia, United States. The population was 154 at the 2010 census. Virgilina was once a copper mining town. It is named "Virgilina" because it is located on the Virginia and North Carolina border.

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