We are Giving our Horse Away:(

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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Arabian Stallion for Sale in Maumee, OH

He is a wonderful, full blooded Arabian gelding. He is in perfect health. He is up to date on shots, teeth and ferrier . He is not lame, mean, or anything else. We simply have run out of time and money to keep him. Our 8 and 11 daughters ride him. He lunges, bathes, clips, loads, etc. . . He IS NOT BOMB PROOF, but again - our young daughters handle him just fine. He is a sweet horse. He could be shown, or used for 4- H. He has also done wonderfully on trails at Oak Openings. He has A LOT of life left in him. We will only consider a loving home for him. You must trailer him to his new home on your own. We need to do this as quicly as possible. We have given our 30 day notice to the barn we board him at. 419. 944. 9331

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In pre-colonial times, Native Americans (notably the Ottawa) began using the rich resources at the present site of Maumee, Ohio, in the Maumee River valley. Throughout much of the eighteenth century, French, British and American forces struggled for control of the lower Maumee River as a major transportation artery linking East and West through Lake Erie. Following the American Revolutionary War, Native Americans of the region, including the Odawa, Ojibwe and Potawatomie, and Shawnee, made alliances in what became called the Northwest Territory by the United States, which claimed it from the British after gaining independence. The Northwest Indian War was a series of conflicts from 1785 through 1795 between these nations and the US; it ended with a decisive American victory over the British and their Native American allies at the Battle of Fallen Timbers at Maumee in 1794. Maumee is the site of Gen.

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