Athletic and Good Natured Perlino Morgan

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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Morgan Stallion for Sale in Novato, CA

Bullseye is an exceptional stallion. To watch him at play is to watch a refined reining cow horse in the show ring but to Bullseye it is all natural. He is not only extremely athletic but he is also very gentle and sweet natured. He loves attention and being with people. Bullseye's sire is NVS Midas, a very accomplished show horse. His dam is Lighthouse Marquel an exceptional athletic horse with a lineage of western working Morgans. Bullseye was genetically tested at U. C. Davis to be a true perlino 100% color producer. We have a mare in foal to Bullseye. We are selling Bullseye because we do not have the space to keep a stallion but he feel he is too special to cut. It is most important we find a good home for him, preferably one that uses natural horsemanship to handle their horses.

About Novato, CA

What is now Novato was originally the site of several Coast Miwok villages: Chokecherry, near downtown Novato; Puyuku, near Ignacio; and Olompali, at the present-day Olompali State Historic Park. In 1839, the Mexican government granted the 8,876-acre (35.92 km 2) Rancho Novato to Fernando Feliz. The rancho was named after a local Miwok leader who had probably been given the name of Saint Novatus at his baptism. Subsequently, four additional land grants were made in the area: Rancho Corte Madera de Novato, to John Martin in 1839; Rancho San Jose, to Ignacio Pacheco in 1840; Rancho Olompali, awarded in 1843 to Camilo Ynitia, son of a Coast Miwok chief; and Rancho Nicasio, by far the largest at 56,621 acres (229.1 km 2), awarded to Pablo de la Guerra and John B.R. Cooper in 1844.

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