Quarter Horse Mare for Sale In Trenton, FL

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3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in Trenton, FL

I have a quarter horse mare buck skin in color she is a dunn and needs to be re broke she has not been riden in two years she was used to heard cattle but can be used for what ever you want she is 5 years old no vices she is 15 or 16 hands her name is grace she also has a baby filly that is for sale she is a year old liht tan and blonde mane and tail her name is cookie she will be a good barrel horse asking price is 1200 or best offer for the pair or will sale separtate phone no. is 352- 463-9***1 or 352-578-5***1 or 352- 5785***3 you can take one or both

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The first Paleo-Indians reached the central Florida area near the end of the last ice age, as they followed big game south. As the ice melted and sea levels rose, these Native Americans ended up staying and thrived on the peninsula for thousands of years. By the time the first Spanish conquistadors arrived, there were over 250,000 Native Americans living on the peninsula. The Calusa were a historic tribe across the north central area of Florida, where Trenton later developed. Within 150 years, the majority of the pre-Columbian Native American peoples of Florida died of new infectious diseases or warfare, with their societies disrupted.

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