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Horses For Sale
dressage,trail horse,show horse,english
LORETA GLEN AND GALON VALLY have been trained for trail riding, competitive dressage, endurance riding, English pleasure, jumping draft and trail riding, so they are the perfect horses you are looking for. they are very ocialize with each and every one they meet, I am given him for sale and before they move into any new home, I would like you to know more information about them. Loreta Glen is 7 years old, stands at 16. 2 hh weighing 1050 lbs while Galon Vally is 10 years old, stands at 16. 0 hh, weighing 1100 lbs. They have pretty little aces, have nice coats, their ears are up. They are home raised, DNA tested, dewormed, updated shots and vaccinated. They can be very quietly on their own, but would prefer to explore with friends or mates (other horses) , they have such Sweet and gentle personalities, they ill steal your Heart. Enjoy taking you for rides while you're sitting on their backs, They very good listeners to their ridders, calm, sweet and loving temperaments. They will grow to be very healthy when fully mature. They will come with everything that THEY need, including Health Certificates, Food manuals, halters and saddles. I am not willing to give them to anyone who wants to keep them constantly locked in doors as it would be extremely unfair and stressful on them. I am more than willing to give any potential buyer any help that they would need. They have been exposed to a variety of experiences (Veterinary isits, house guests, and rides) to avoid fearful behavior. At times Loreta is scared when there are very loud noises but Galon is very ok with that but he easilky becomes spoke when he comes in contact with a soky object butv it can be handled by ocuppying his mind when that happens. At times they become afraid when moved into a new home and environment, but this will pass in a day or two when they get to know their new family and home. It will be important to keep the high intelligence in their minds when