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Dutch Warmblood
Show jumping
Srem, 63100
Breed- KWPN Colour- bay Sex- mare Height- 165 cm Age- 11 y. o. (02.04.2006) Father- Numero Uno/ Libero H Mother- Volia B/ Nolisco This beautiful daughter of Numero Uno is one of the most successful mares of today in national showjumping ring in Poland. She was successful in many CSI2*,CSI3*,CSI4* competitions. Badorette is a brave, very talented mare, with a good character. At present she jumps 1,40/ 1,50m. The mare stays in Olsza 29,63-100 Srem, Poland. The results (e. g.): 06/04/2016- CSI4* Poznan; Middle Tour (Final, 145 cm); place III 07/03/2016- CSN2* Machnice; class CC1 GP (145 cm); place IV 07/29/2016- ZO- B** Olsza PLJ; class CC (140 cm); place I 08/12/2016- ZO- B2* PLJ Drzonkow; class CC (140 cm); place I 08/14/2016- ZO- B2* PLJ Drzonkow; GP of Zielona Gora (145 cm); place VIII 09/04/2016- VIII. SCPMK Olsza; class CC (140 cm), final; place II 09/16/2016- ZO- B2* PLJ Sowia Wola; class CC (140 cm); place I 09/18/2016- ZO- B2* PLJ final Sowia Wola; class CC1 GP (145 cm); place III 11/03/2016- CSI2* Michalowice; Diamond Tour (140/ 140 cm); place I 12/02/2016- Cavaliada Poznan CSI3*, Middle Round (140 cm); 0 point 02/02/2017- Cavaliada Lublin CSI2*; Big Round (140 cm); 0 point 05/02/2017- Cavaliada Lublin CSI2*; GP (145 cm); place VII 02/24/2017- HZO- B1* Leszno, class CC Big Round (140 cm); place I 02/26/2017- HZO- B1* Leszno, GP class CC (140/ 140 cm); place I 03/10/2017- HPP ZO Wolica, Big Round two phases (140/ 140 cm); place II (0 point) 03/11/2017- HPP ZO Wolica, Big Round (140 cm); place II (0 point) 04/02/2017- HZO- B1* Leszno, GP class CC (140/ 140 cm); place I 05/01/2017- ZO2* PLJ Boguslawice, class CC1 (145/ 145 cm); place II (0 point) 07.05.2017- OZK Olsza, class CC GP (140/ 140 cm); place V