Saddlebred Gelding Gaited VIDEO

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Norman, OK 73026
This beautiful boys name is "Flame" and he is a 9 1/2 year old saddlebred gelding. He stands at 15.3hh with beautiful form. He is gaited and will do his gait on cue (you have to cue him or he won't do his gait) He looks great standing right? wait until he moves! he moves like water such a smooth gait and just regular riding. He has a quick take off and keeps his speed but will just as easy walk if you prefer. He does have alot of energy so he is for an experienced rider. I am selling him at No Fault Of His Own. He is a wonderful riding partner. He rides fine with other horses or by himself. Lifts all 4 feet and stands for saddling, bridling and mounting. He rides in a halter or hackamore absolutely NO BITS. He comes running to the gate when I call him and with time spent he will with you to. He loads like a champ and is ridden past cars, motorcycles and trucks and trailers. He has been ridden across bridges and lakes with no trouble. He had his annual vet check on September 1st and is healthy as can be! Should you want another check that will be at your own expense. Located Norman Oklahoma text: 405-210-7001 He is a truly wonderful horse so do not try to low ball me as he's as low as I will go. Here is his YouTube video of him being lunged. I will upload one of him being ridden if requested I will not say he is a trail horse as he really needs a job. Though I have been using him for trails he shows he gets bored rather easy down the trail. would be a great "Play day" horse or ranch or any job And for those that "Don't like gaited horses" The GAIT DOES NOT DEFINE HIM. he is ridden WESTERN he's not an english horse (but can be used as one). He was used on barrels by a 15 year old girl but is not a trained barrel horse. He has been jumped a little but again not trained in it. Just try him out and you'll fall in love I promise. AGAIN his gait IS JUST A PERK. You DON'T HAVE TO USE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!!!!