AHJF Hunter Classic Spectacular

AHJF Hunter Classic Spectacular
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WHAT: The American Hunter-Jumper Foundation Hunter Classic Spectacular.This is a qualifying event featuring the top national amateur, juniorand professional show hunter riders. This premier equine event offersthe top money in the nation. It is the one event hunter riders aspire tocompete in. There is no entry fee for the competitors. Riders qualifythrough preliminary competitions held during the Winter EquestrianFestival, February 12-16, 2003.

WHEN: February 15th ? 8:00 PM ? 10:00 PM

WHERE: Winter Equestrian Festival, 14440 Pierson Rd., Wellington, FL.Event will take place in the International Arena, a large grassy fieldin a beautiful tropical setting, surrounded by spectator and sponsortents. The arena is lower than the surrounding tents offering viewers agreat chance to see the competition.

WHY: This is a major fundraiser for the American Hunter-JumperFoundation, Inc. (AHJF) and its programs. The AHJF was formed tofurther the development of the equestrian sport of show hunter rider andshow jumping competition by providing a national office to organize,coordinate and support hunter rider and show jumping equestriancompetition. Programs of the AHJF include the World Championship HunterRider Awards, the AHJF Emergency Relief Fund, AHJF Educational Programs,the AHJF BSA Inc. 401k and Profit Sharing Plan and the Legacy Cup.

HOW: Riders who have earned the title of champion and reserve championin the preliminary competition in the junior, amateur and professionaldivisions and are current members of the AHJF qualify to compete in thisno entry fee class.

WHAT THE JUDGE IS LOOKING FOR: Show hunters are judged on the style ofthe horse. The horse should look as if it could carry a rider smoothly,comfortably and safely over a course of natural style jumps. The horsesshould be both elegant and agile as they negotiate obstacles similar tothose encountered on a foxhunt.

THE JUDGING SYSTEM: Eight judges are paired in teams of two andpositioned in four places around the arena. Each team presents a singlenumerical score (0-100) and the four scores are averaged for a singleround score. After the second round, the two scores are averaged for afinal two round score. Roughly, twenty-five horses compete in the firstround and the top eight highest performers come back for a second round.The height of the fences varies from 3?6? to 4?. The winner of theclass is the horse with the highest two-round score.

JUDGES: Ann Braswell, Robert Braswell, Karen Healey, Randy Henry, MarkJungherr, Randy Mullens, Tammy Provost, Steve Wall.

COURSE DESIGNER: Michael Rheinheimer

ANNOUNCERS: Kenny Kraus, Brian Lookabill

PURCHASING A TABLE: To purchase a table for the sponsor reception anddinner, please call the Winter Equestrian Festival Special Event Officeat 561-753-3389.

SPONSORS: Tad Coffin Performance Saddles and The American Hunter-JumperFoundation, Inc.

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