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Update on Roving Sands 5/14/01
Monday evening, May 14, 2001
Vaccinate Horses Now for Maximum ProtectionAgainst Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Despite blustery days now and again, spring is just around the corner, andanimal health officials are urging owners to protect their equids,including horses, mules and donkeys against several mosquito-borne diseasesbefore "bug" season starts.
Texas Animal Health Commission New Regulation Intended to Protect Horses
Horse enthusiasts with limited area on which to keep their animals can now beassured that nearby horses have tested negative for Equine InfectiousAnemia (eia). Eia, also referred to as "Coggins" or "Swamp Fever," is anincurable disease that can be car...
Mexican-Origin Roping SteersMust Be Tested Yearly for Cattle Tuberculosis (tb)
Texas livestock health officials are increasing disease surveillance forcattle tuberculosis (tb), and one of the targets is Mexican-origin ropingsteers.
West Nile Virus (wnv) Confirmedin Dead Blue Jays in Houston in Dead Blue Jays in Houston
West Nile Virus (wnv), a form of "sleeping sickness," was confirmed June 18in two dead blue jays found on the west side of Houston. Veterinarians atthe Texas Animal Health Commission (tahc), the states livestock healthregulatory agency, are urging own...
Texas Opens Search for New State Veterinarian
Texas livestock commissioners have formed a search committee to recruita new regulatory veterinarian for the state, who also will serve as theexecutive director for the Texas Animal Health Commission (tahc), thelivestock health regulatory agency. The...
West Nile Virus (wnv) and Encephalitis a Threat to Horses;Vaccination Can Provide Protection
A few moments with your local veterinary practitioner can help protecthorses, mules and donkeys against mosquito-borne diseases, advises Dr.Terry Conger, veterinarian and state epidemiologist for the Texas AnimalHealth Commission (tahc), the states liv...
Vesicular Stomatitis (vs) Confirmed in New Mexico
On June 4, 2004, the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (nvsl) inAmes, Ia, confirmed the finding of vesicular stomatitis (vs) in horses atone premises in New Mexico.
Prepared for Disaster? What about your animals?
Some gut-wrenching scenes are never forgotten. An elderly womanclutches her cat as she waits to be rescued from her flood-ravagedhome. A dog clings desperately to a rooftop, inches from the risingwater, dead livestock float among the sodden logs or de...
Eastern Equine Encephalitis Confirmed in Louisiana
Louisiana officials have confirmed at least 10 horses have died from Eastern equine encephalitis (eee), and another 10 arebelieved to have had the mosquito-borne disease.