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Quarter Horse Mare
This is a really nice little mare who is halter broke and has been saddled...
Dubois, Wyoming
Quarter Horse
Dubois, WY

About Dubois, WY

The original residents of Dubois, Wyoming wanted to name the town Never Sweat. However, the postal service found the name unacceptable, so it endowed the town with the name Dubois after Fred Dubois, an Idaho senator at the time. In protest, the citizens of Dubois rejected the French pronunciation, instead opting for Du, with u as in "Sue"; bois, with oi as in "voice". The accent is on the first syllable. The first occupants of the mountains and valleys surrounding what is now Dubois were members of the Sheepeaters, a group of Mountain Shoshone, who included the Wind River area in their regular annual migrations from the Great Plains through the mountains of Yellowstone and beyond.