Ponies of the Americas for Sale near Tonkawa, OK

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Pony of the Americas Stallion
good little pony with good nature..
Pawnee, Oklahoma
Pony of the Americas
Pawnee, OK

About Tonkawa,OK

Named after the Tonkawa tribe, the city of Tonkawa was founded in March 1894, by Eli V. Blake and Wiley William Gregory. Blake and Gregory, originally from Kansas, claimed the land that would become Tonkawa in the Land Run of 1893. Prior to the land run, from 1879 to 1885, the area was known as "Fort Oakland", home to the Nez Perce people. In 1885, the remnants of the Tonkawa tribe, who had fled Indian Territory after the 1862 Tonkawa Massacre, returned to settle in the Fort Oakland area.