Oldenburg Horses for Sale near Sandpoint, ID

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Oldenburg Stallion
Trion was inspected and approved for the 100 day stallion test only about 3..
Deer Park, Washington
Deer Park, WA

About Sandpoint,ID

The Salish Tribes, specifically the Kalispel and the Kootenai built encampments on the shore of Lake Pend Oreille every summer, fished, made baskets of cedar, and collected huckleberries before returning to either Montana or Washington in the fall. The encampments ended before 1930. The region was extensively explored by David Thompson of the North West Company starting in 1807. Disputed joint British/American occupation of the Columbia District led to the Oregon boundary dispute. This controversy ended in 1846 with the signing of the Oregon Treaty, whereby Britain ceded all rights to land south of the 49th parallel.