Half Arabian Horses for Sale near Parkersburg, WV

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Half Arabian - Horse for Sale in Albany, OH
Half Arabian Mare
Standing 127 / 128 Arabian buckskin. Breeding dilute and double dilute pa..
Albany, Ohio
Half Arabian
Albany, OH
Half Arabian Stallion
Champion is a very loving colt. He was weaned at 2 1 / 2 months old and ha..
Roseville, Ohio
Half Arabian
Roseville, OH

About Parkersburg, WV

White settlers at first named the city Newport when they settled it in the late 18th century following the American Revolutionary War. This was part of a westward migration of settlers from parts of Virginia to the east, closer to the Atlantic Ocean. A town section was laid out on land granted to Alexander Parker for his Revolutionary War service. Virginia made grants of land to veterans for their war service. The title conflicts between Parker and the city planners of Newport were settled in 1809 in favor of his heirs.