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little black sambo - Stallion in Cocnho, AZ
Little Black Sambo
nice gaited jack breeds mares and jennets..
Cocnho, Arizona
Cocnho, AZ

About Holbrook,AZ

The Holbrook area was inhabited first by the Anasazi, then Puebloans, then the Navajo and Apache. In 1540 (some seventy years before Jamestown or the Pilgrims) Coronado searched for the Seven Cities of Cibola and camped some sixty miles east of Holbrook. Coronado sent an expedition west to find the Colorado River, and they crossed the Little Colorado some twenty-five miles east of Holbrook and found a wonderland of colors they named "El Desierto Pintada" - The Painted Desert. The expedition was then led by the Hopis to the Grand Canyon. After the Mexican–American War ended in 1848 the area was ceded to the United States.