Vekas - Prix St.George Dressage Horse for Sale!

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Vekas  -  Prix St.George  Dressage Horse for Sale!

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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January, 2003
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Trakehner Gelding for Sale in Vilnius, Germany

VIDEO: Vekas - Prix St.George dressage horse for sale! A lovely 12 year old trakehner gelding is ready to take any kind of rider to the higher of level of dressage. Trained to Prix St.George level, currently schooling 2 tempi flying changes and being prepared for Intermediare I. The horse has been trained according to classical principles, age, and allowed time to mature. Confirmed in half passes trot and canter, shoulder-in, counter canter, simple changes and flying changes, walk pirouettes and half canter pirouettes, halt and rein-back, both extended trot and canter. Gifted for dressage with 3 good gaits with lovely canter, naturally rhythmical and balanced. Ridden in simple soft snaffle bit or double bridle. Very even tempered in train
... more»ing, best suited for riders who like a “cool” horse and prefer to drive the horse forward themselves. Vekas would make a perfect partnership for young rider/amateur to learn and compete. A bright, colourful, and chic looking horse. Chestnut with a big blaze going through the head. Powerful, athletic body, strong legs, good hooves. Imposing, good frame, around 167 cm height. Vekas has successfully competed up to M level with young and amateur riders. Copes with travelling and being away very well. Keeps consistent form at shows, doesn’t get distracted. Perfect as a confidence builder for timid rider. Safe indoors or outdoors, alone or in busy arena, at home or at shows. Friendly and social with people and other horses Owned by the same person for the past 4 years and was known since he was 4 year old. Given variety in his training including trail rides, galloping track, lungeing, work in hand, cavaletti, and jumping. Always gets daily turnout. Healthy with no past illnesses, allergies, or serious injuries. Good manners whilst grooming, shoeing, leading, loading, vetting and clipping. Regularly shod, de-wormed, microchipped, vaccinated against Tetanus, Influenza, Herpes. Always on a high quality diet, supplements, top care. May be tried out in Vilnius, Lithuania. Contact at: +370 684 30 910,

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