REG. TWH Championship Bloodlines

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Tennessee Walking
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
16.0 hh
Foal Date
United States
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Tennessee Walking Stallion for Sale in Wartburg, TN

SCHWARZKOPF #970626, SIRE GEN'S MAJOR GENERAL - DAM HURRICANE WARNING. The perfect horse for any type rider, has the get up and go for an average rider and sense enough to be handled by an inexperienced rider. He will lead the trail and set the pace if given the opportunity, and / or he will also kick back - hit his lick - and enjoy the ride. This horse will be hard to part with, but has to go, we are downsizing due college tuition. The price relflected ( $7, 500. 00) is below the horse value and will not last long. He is a very special horse, and carries all the characteristics of his legacy; GEN'S MAJOR GENERAL, HURRICANE WARNING, PRIDES GENERATOR, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H. F. the list goes on. He is the perfect gentleman, the perfect ride, and a joy to own, he would be an asset
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About Wartburg, TN

In 1805, the Cherokee ceded what is now Morgan County to the United States by signing the Third Treaty of Tellico. The first settlers arrived in the area shortly thereafter. Wartburg was founded in the mid-1840s by George Gerding, a land speculator who bought up large tracts of land in what is now Morgan County and organized the East Tennessee Colonization Company with plans to establish a series of German colonies in the Cumberland region. German and Swiss immigrants, seeking to escape poor economic conditions in their home counties, arrived at the site by traveling from New Orleans up the Mississippi and Cumberland rivers to Nashville, and then by ox cart to the Cumberland Plateau. The first of these settlers arrived in the area in 1845, and new groups of immigrants would continue trickling in until 1855.

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