Wonderful Liberty ‘Trick Horse’ for sale.

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Horses For Sale
Tennessee Walking
Trick horse and light trail riding.
Pacifica, CA 94044
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TGeaQwTzlI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc5uj3qHMpU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5mxajLWROo For more videos of the many many tricks Bob does, look at his public Facebook profile. His Facebook name is Bob Horse-Play. https://www.facebook.com/bob.horseplay Bob lives in Pacifica, California. Bob is a 14 year old, gaited, Tennessee Walker. He is a wonderful trick horse, and just loves to play. He is exactly 15 hands high. For the last 30 years, I have owned, ridden and trained many many horses, and Bob is my absolute favourite of all time. By far. He loves people, has terrific ground manners and is super sweet. Bob's tricks: - Head down / bow. - Switching sides. - Follow the rope. - Roll back. - Back up side by side. - Back up from tail. - Yield rear from bending at waist. - Side-up to a mounting block, fence or trailer. - Side pass over poles. - Side pass around a barrel. - Chase a yoga ball. - Bow with head tucked under. - Bow with leg outstretched. - Podium with knee up. - Podium and rotate back feet around. - Target touches. - Fetch. - Spanish walk. At liberty and ridden. - Picks up any foot just by clicking fingers. - Will touch anything if asked nicely. - Recognises and comes to 3 whistles. - Flashcards. He can read C for carrot, T for treat and N for Nothing. Here is a lot of extra information about Bob: - Liberty play is definitely his favourite thing. He learns unbelievably fast. - I have trained him with a combination of clicker training and traditional training. He responds very well to loads of love and human company. - Stops on voice cue. - Transitions down gaits on voice cue. - Direct rein and neck reins. - Will walk slow or fast. He has a lovely slow running walk / gait, a very fast Tennessee Walker pace and a nice canter/ lope. - Canters on the correct lead every time. - He is happy to canter, but only when asked / allowed. - Opening and closing gates. He even helps with his nose. - Goes through water and over bridges very willingly. - I've never known him to step on anyone, kick, bite anyone, bolt, spin or buck. - Bob never needs to be caught. He’ll leave the herd if you whistle for him, or he’ll already be waiting for you at the pasture gate. - He’s the most chatty horse I’ve ever met. He’ll greet you with a wicker, and often wickers when he sees a cue for a trick. He loves to play. - Willingly puts his face into his halter. - Rides in a halter, hackamore, bit or sidepull. In the arena I often ride him with just a circle of string. - Rides and trailers very well with other horses. - On the trail he'll go first, middle or last. Will ride in large or small groups. - He prefers to ride with at least one other horse, but will go out on his own too. - He has been camping many times. - He's tidy. Has never peed in the trailer, or pooped at the hitching rack. When camping and sleeping in a pen, he poops in the corner. - He will high-line, ground tie, stake out on a line and respects electric fencing. - Bob is currently living in a 24 acre pasture with a 20 horse herd. He is neither bottom nor top of the herd. He likes to be with the herd, but prefers to be left alone. He doesn't 'buddy up'. He has never shown any interest in mares, and therefor doesn't get into fights. - Keeps weight on fairly well when living in pasture with 24/7 grazing. I give him a few small buckets of soaked shredded beet pulp a week, mostly to get supplements and oil into him. - He loves to impress by siding up to a mounting block, fence, trailer hub, or anything you climb on. - He will do almost anything for you if you ask him politely and with patience. - Obstacle courses are quite easy for him. - Bob is very sensible. He would never step off a cliff, or run into a fence, like many other horses can do. - Very flexible. He enjoys stretches. - Farriers love him. He's an angel. All four feet are shod. - Beautiful ombre mane and tail. White star and white nose snip. His seal brown coat is very shiny and healthy. - He loves to be groomed. - He has no problems with being touched everywhere on his body, head or legs. - 100% fine with bug spray, fly mask & rugs / blankets. - His colour is perfect for staying clean. I've never washed him. I've just rinsed off saddle sweat. - Very compliant with worming paste and shots. - Up to date on shots, worming, dentist & feet. - Great with kids, men, women, dogs, bikes, motorbikes and trucks. - I have all of his medical records, including flexion tests. He passed all four flexion tests in April 2016. Hills: I have had three vets check him many times over the last year that I’ve had him. He has always dragged his back feet when walking downhill. The best guess is some slight nerve damage. He passes all the neurological tests however, so it’s a mystery. All three vets say he is in absolutely no pain, however it completely rules him out for being ridden downhill, because he could hurt himself and his rider. I will not sell him to someone who intends to use him as a trail horse, unless it’s small rides on a flat surface. We welcome a vet check and blood test. I'm selling him for $1000, which is how much I paid for him last year, before I trained him to do all these wonderful things. I bought him as for trick training and trail riding, but he is not great on hills. I don't need to make money on him. It's much more important to me that he ends up where he can be useful and happy. I would be happy to spend several days at Bob's new home, teaching his new owner how to cue Bob to do his tricks. Free. One week return policy. Conditions apply of course.