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Rogers, AR 72756
'm looking to sell my 11 year old, 14.2 hh, gelding mustang. His name is Jericho. He is such a beautiful and sweet boy: he is easy to catch, as well as easy to saddle and bridle. He will load extremely well, alone or with other horses, and will quietly stand ground tied for the farrier and for bathing. He was used as a guided trail horse before I got him, so he will cross bridges, logs, poles, and creeks with ease and with the rattling of noisy gates. He tends to rank in the mid to lower level of the pecking order within a herd. I've taken him to Ponderosa, up in Pineville, Missouri, where we've camped and done obstacles, on a fairly regular, monthly basis. He takes to the obstacle course real well, and gets along with with others horses just fine. Since I have had him, his temperament has calmed and he is much more trusting, relaxed, and willing. He is current on coggins, worming, and farrier - Jericho has great, solid, mustang feet. He had his teeth floated in May by a professional Equine Dentist. I like to call him the Fabio of horses because of how gorgeous his forelock is, and how long and full his tail is. His coat glimmers and shines gorgeously in the summer sun. He's the prettiest boy I know. Jericho deserves a great home in which he will get a lot of attention. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and I know I won't be able to spend much time with him when my baby is born.