LNL MiniFarm mini horse herd dispersal

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Horses For Sale
Henagar, AL
We have decided to sell our horses so that we will have more room and time for our other animals. We are offering four excellent stallions and eight very nice bred mares for sale. These mares are from Checkmate's Farm, B & W Farms or our own breeding here at LNL MiniFarm. All have been pasture bred for 2013 summer foals. There are also four 2012 fillies and three 2012 colts available. We can hold for Christmas with a 25% deposit. Please review our web page and let us know how we can help you with your next special horse. http: / / users. farmerstel. com / lnlsargent / or check us out on Facebook at http: / / www. facebook. com / pages / LNL - Minifarm / 297451976978875 Miniature horses make great pets. They are an easy way to get children started with horsemanship. There is less chance of getting hurt than with a standard sized horse. This also makes them great for older horseman who may no longer be comfortable handling a large horse to continue to have that companionship and activity. Whether you are looking for a pet, breeding stock or something to show, we should have something to meet your needs. We can assist with delivery. We also raise AGHA registered American Guinea Hogs, KuneKune x American Guinea Hog, crossbred miniature cattle, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, and bantam chickens. Like the miniature horses, these smaller animals have their advantages. You can raise your own food at home with less land, lighter duty equipment and fences with lower inputs. Also due to their size, they are a great place to start for first time farmers that maybe intimidated by larger stock. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these. Thanks, Levon Sargent LNL MiniFarm 256-657-6545