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Horses For Sale
Charles City, IA
I'm 13 and looking for a horse! I have a pony thats 10. 3 hands but I'm almost 5'7! I'm NOT willing to sell trade my pony! The horse I want has to be 14-15 hands maybe even a little taller. The horse has to be in Iowa or really close! The price $100- $600. I would like it to be registered! I would also like it to be young but if its older it needs to be broke and for an intermediate to a beginner!! I would like a paint but it doesn't have to be. Here are the horse colors I like, brown, smokey black, bay, white, palomino, pinto, brown and white, grey, cremello, buckskin, and black and white. Please email me instead of calling. I would also like you to email me a picture of the horse you have for sale. Thanks for looking!!