Black Friesian geldings horse For Sale

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Horses For Sale
includes an allrounder
miami, FL
AAldert is a beautiful, funny, willing, goofy 3 year old Friesian gelding. I have had him since he was 8 months old. When you first see him you hold your breath as he walks with confidence to you, his ears forward and delight in his eyes. He is the most personable gelding, with a great sense of humor, eager to be hugged and kissed and touched. Always a gentle horse first, he delights to see small humans and pets, His mane is down to his knees, thick and shiny and his incredible tail is usually dragging on the ground behind him as he prances. He represents all that is desirable about the Friesian breed. He has three correct gaits, a ground covering canter that has been called by classical trainers *simply correct and in superb cadence * , and a lifted trot with natural suspension. . His walk is effortless, long sinewy strides and a natural over track He has been schooled in and knows movements such as half pass, leg yields, shoulder in and haunches in and starting the Spanish walk. mickey possess a lovely work ethic - he enjoys all the excitement of grooming and saddling and always is a gentleman in any arena. Contact via email: