07/22/2000 to 07/22/2000
500 Shetlandsponies - the mascot of all horses - have announced their arrival at Vilhelmsborg near Aarhus - the weekend of 22. and 23. of July. The 500 ponies represent ten different countries from all over Europe. The breeding organisation of Shetlandponies in Denmark is arranging the event - \"Year 2000 ShetEEEEvent\", where entrance is free. Activities begin Saturday at 8.30, with given scores for exterior and competitio ns, in form of Show Jumping, Dressage and Driving. There will be 3 big shows during the weekend, showing the ponies being used in different ways. From the Netherlands we will see the famous driving show with 12 singles, and from Denmark we see 24 ponies in long reins. A discipline known from The Spanish Ridingschool. A big experience for the whole family, with beautiful ponies doing a lot of funny and exiting tasks. Sunday starts at 9.00 o'clock, where competitions take place.
Hunter/Jumper | Vilhemsborg