04/02/2004 to 04/02/2004
The Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses is proud to announce the start of their 2 year practitioner training program in Toronto! Liz Eddy, instructor, is a direct student of the late Pamela Hannay who pioneered Equine Shiatsu. She will be taking a maximum of 6 students in her first North American program. Liz's philosophy is about quality and not quantity, and she provides genuine one on one training, so students become confident and capable practitioners. The course will run over 2 years part time, with 4 times one week of intense classroom time - one week in spring and one in fall each year. In between visits, there will be compulsory studygroups to attend, case studies to hand in, reading to be done and videos to be handed in. Shiatsu is an old, hands on, gentle form of holistic care for your horse. Contrary to popular belief it is not about heavy physical pressure on certain points but rather about being able to read the body and its meridians and find the \"tsubo\" or
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