01/15/2003 to 01/15/2003
NATRC(North American Trail Ride Conference) is an organization dedicated to competitive trail riding. Clinics, seminars and competitions are held each year. Join us 3/1/03 in Woodland for the 2003 convention. Speaker topics are varied and will be of interest to all disciplines. Many Vendors will be on site. Learn what competitive trail riding is about and if this fast growing sport is something you might be intersted in trying. This is a great organization, great people! Competitive Trail Riding is not a race, but competitors cover a marked course in a given period of time. 3 Divisions provide an opportunity to ride at a pace/distance your comfortable with. Horses are judged on condition and soundness by a veterinarian judge. The rider is judged on trail safety, equitation,& courtesy by a horsemanship judge. Come see what this sport is about-\"Come Ride with Us in 2003\"
Clinic, Workshops, Symposiums | Woodland , California