06/09/2002 to 06/09/2002
The first ever POKER RIDE SPONSORED BY SOUTHERN EXPRESS EQUESTRIAN TEAM Imagine a self-guided trail ride that is also a treasure hunt and poker game with cash prizes. Ride time is two to three hours. Rules: Each participant will be given a map of the ride area on which major natural features and trails will be clearly marked. There will be 10 locations on the map. Participants must find their way to each location in whatever order they like, at their preferred riding pace, and by whatever route they choose. There will be a minimum and maximum allowable time for completion of the ride. Outriders will be available to provide directions and assistance if required. Participants will retrieve a single playing card at random from each location. Cash awards will be made at completion of the ride for the 3 best five card poker hands. We have tried this as a drill team social activity and it was a lot of fun. We hope that you will join us on Date: June 9 Time: Su
Trail Ride | Richmond , Virginia